Sarti beaches
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Sarti Beach

Sarti beach has the Blue Flag for several years that means clean and sandy beach everywhere, families, youngsters and elders can enjoy the beauty of it during the beach activities.
The coast of Sarti Beach is becoming deeper more gradually, this is the best place for children, but all along you will find a chance for swimming and watersports. Sarti has one of the largest beaches in Sithonia. It is about 3 km long. Some parts have beach chairs and umbrellas, but since the beach is vast you can go out and find a quiet spot for yourself. The view to Mount Athos across the water is a nice feature as it dominates the horizon. The easy access to this beach makes it good for families. Sarti also gets a nice breeze, which is appreciated especially during the very hot July and August months. Just driving into Sarti you have to be impressed as the only thing you seem to notice is the massive white sandy beach lining the turquoise bay against a back drop of pine covered mountains. As a bonus Sarti is blessed with the best view of Mt. Athos. If you have seen any pictures of a white sandy beach with Mt. Athos dominating the foreground, it was probably taken from this spot.


The beaches in Sarti are really incomparable. Here you can find some of the best beaches in Greece, which are some of the top beaches in the world. Characterized by fine white sand, and crystal clear turquoise waters, any beach on the Sarti will be a magical experience.

There is something here for everybody. If you want seclusion, the months of June and September bring few tourists, so most beaches are empty. Even in the busier months you can still find an isolated cove. To enter campsites beaches, they will ask you to leave your passport or I.D.

Achlada Beach

North of Sarti, at about 1,5 km there is a cluster of three beaches, 60, 100 and 350 meters respectively from south to north, which is called Achlada (=pear). The access to these beaches is easy since in order to find them you need to leave the main road of Sithonia, pass along Sarti and head to the coast for about 500 meters. Achlada is a bay protected by an artificial concrete pier for the boats to be driven ashore, especially those of the fishermen, but it also hides three very beautiful beaches which offer peace along with fine sand and blue waters. Achlada is also high on the preferences of the campers, either are they organized or not.

Platanitsi Camping

Platanitsi is located about 5km north of Sarti. It is also known for the beach bar which is named afri-cafe; the entrance to the beach of Platanitsi is controlled by the campsite itself. When you leave the main street of Sithonia, cross a planted area of about 50 meters to get to the camping entrance. From there, as soon as you get the relevant licence, head towards to the beach of 550 meters. It is about a wonderful, sandy beach, divided in the middle by a stream. The beautiful green and blue waters along with the view to Mount Athos just opposite will leave you speechless. The camping provides a great organization on all levels in order to enjoy your stay there and swim.

Orange Beach - Kavourotripes

About 6km north of Sarti there is a cluster of small beaches in a coastline which is over 5km. This relief landscape of unparallel beauty looks like an open-air market of sculpture exhibition which in conjunction with the amazing turquoise waters and the view to Mount Athos compensates the visitor who has been afflicted through the bushes and the rocks in order to find these beaches. The lack of any form of organization gives the possibility and the pleasure to the free camper to set up their ‘nest’ among the rocks. To find these beaches you need to leave the main street of east Sithonia and cross a very difficult dirt road for about 350 meters up to the coastline.

There is a group of small beaches which continue from Orange beach to the south It can be a little difficult to reach these beaches through the bush. There is absolutely no development and many campers set up tents in the trees and on the rocks

These beaches are also known as Kavourotripes (=crab-holes). There is not any road sign, so while you are on the main road of Sithonia pay attention to the sign ‘Beach Bar Portokali (ORANGE)’. Certainly there are also other exits, before and after, in order to find the Kavourotripes, but pay attention to the dirt roads which are very steep.

Wonderful green and blue waters and also sculptures are carved on the rocks by several artists adorn these beaches The only organized beach is that of the ‘Beach Bar Portokali’ while the others are isolated and deserted. There is also a possibility to visit these beaches on foot through the coast but pay extreme attention to the bushes and the rocks because the passes are rough and sometimes dangerous.
They are small coves which you could have to yourself outside of high season.

Armenistis Beach

12 km north of Sarti there is Armenistis. There along with the beach there is also a campsite of 600 meters length with the same name. It is a beach with turquoise waters and fine sand. In order to discover it, you must leave the main road of east Sithonia and cross 400 meters through a lush forest to reach the entrance of the campsite. The entrance is controlled, with limited admittance of visiting the place. By the end of the indicated time you are asked either to leave the beach or pay for your extra stay there. A big Blue flag beach, it is often listed as one of the top beaches in Greece. And the vast beach truly is amazingly gorgeous! The camping is one of the most organized in Greece.

Akti Oneirou - Manasou Beach

About 16 km north of Sarti there is a beach which has taken its name from the beach bar that organizes it. Some people call it also the Dream Beach. Half of it is organized and half is free for camping and in order to get there you need to climb down a difficult descent of a dirt road of 800 meters. Very beautiful green and blue waters and fine sand, sometimes with small pebbles, attracts mainly young people who are willing to have fun and want to enjoy themselves.

Banana Beach

At 18km north of Sarti there is a beach which has taken its name from the beach bar that organizes it, the Banana beach. The 180 meters beach with beautiful green blue waters and fine sand is accessible from the main road of Sithonia through a dirt road which climbs abruptly down a cliff along a very green landscape and after many curves. It is a beach mainly for young people, with loud music and sea activities. It should be emphasized that behind a rock at the east side of the beach there is another small but picturesque beach of 50 meters that deserves a visit.

Zografou Beach

About 20km north of Sarti there are two beaches of which the most western one is accessible by a dirt road of 1km.

Akti Koutloumousiou ( LaCara )

About 21km north of Sarti there is Koutloumousiou Coast which is home to the campsite La Cara. On the main road you will find the main entrance of an organized camping. The first 20’ are free of charge to visit the beach but if you decide to stay longer you have to pay. A very rich natural environment, sand and clear waters are combined in a well-organized beach.

Doherio - Platania Beach

On the south end of Sarti beach, you can see a chain of 4 beaches from 50 to 300 meters long, all with fine sand and clear waters. To reach these beaches, go to the main road towards Sikia. Just outside of town you will see a dirt road to the left. This leads to the largest of the beaches, where you will find a beach bar and umbrellas put up. The other beaches can be reached on either side of the main beach.

Goa Beach

2km south from Sarti, there is a small cove with a very beautiful beach of about 150 meters long. There are sun beds and umbrellas by the beach bar called Goa. They play music and there is a party atmosphere much like orange beach. You get to this beach by taking a dirt road heading north.

Sykia Beach

About 10 km south of Sarti you can find a large blue flag beach, Sykias’ Skala. It is the closest beach to the town of Sykia, about 3 km up the mountain. The beach is 1500 m long and 30-50 m wide. There are some beach bars that offer sun beds and umbrellas. This is where most hang around, so you can still find a quiet area where there are not many people.

Linaraki Beach - Pigadaki Beach

12 km south of Sarti you will find the beach Linaraki. It is actually a continuation of Sykias’ beach, and about 130 meters long. Pass Sykias’ Skala and you will reach this beach along the costal road. It has some good facilities with a reputable Greek tavern that attracts people from all over. About 1 km south is the beach Pigadaki. This is a small village with some good taverns. This a developed beach and seems to attract quite a few tourists. The length of the beach is about 170 meters.

Klimataria Beach

15 km south of Sarti is Klimataria. To get there you will either pass Sykias’ Skala and follow the coast to the east or go to the same exit that leads also to Kriaritsi and then turn further north. The length of the beach is not more than 150 meters. There are beach chairs and umbrellas and good facilities with a beach-bar and a tavern.

Kriaritsi Beach or Ghost City

16 k. south of Sarti there is a chain of small beaches. Just north of Kriaritsi, there are 4 well sheltered coves that are very isolated, if you are seeking some solitude. To find them you either follow the coastal road from Sykia's Port, passing by Linaraki, Pigadaki, Tourkolimiona and Klimataria along the coast, or exit the main road towards Kriaritsi and then turn north. Here you can have a view of Mount Athos. Sometimes there are pitched tents but no facilities, the most notable is Kriaritsi. It is a large beach, 800 meters. It is naturally divided into 3 parts of 500 meters, 200 meters and finally in one of 100 meters. To get to this beach, get off the main road and you will follow some small roads for about 3 km. Don’t be put off trying to find this beach as it will be well worth it when you arrive. There are a couple of campsites here.

Kalamitsi Beach

At about 25 km south of Sarti and 11 km east of Toroni there is the village of Kalamitsi. It is built in a cove with 3 beaches. The third beach, 150 meters long, is the most isolated. To get there you need to walk to the left side of the main beach. This is a well protected beach, sheltered from the wind and waves. The main beach is 450 meters long, and stretches out in front of the town. The beach is well organized with beach chairs and umbrellas, beach-bars and restaurants. There is a boats harbor in the bay to the left side of the village. An organized camp site, southern of the main beach, controls the entrance and the use of the beach. It is also quite organized with chairs, umbrellas and water sports.

Porto Koufo Beach

32km south of Sarti there is Porto Koufo. It is a protected bay and the deepest natural harbor in Greece. There is a big and wonderful beach of 1.5 km with beautiful waters and fine sand. Be aware that the waters get deep quickly. There is another beach of about 250 meters located just before the entrance to Porto Koufo but it is accessible only by boat. The village has some restaurants.

Toroni Beach

At about 36 kilometers south of Sarti is one of the biggest beaches in Chalkidiki – Toroni beach. At a length of 2 kilometers, it makes a wide cove of fine sand and clear waters. There are organized parts to the beach with sun beds and umbrellas but much of it is undeveloped and you can find some isolation if you want. There are also many restaurants and hotels along the waterfront and water activities for all age groups.

Tristinika Beach

37 km south of Sarti next to Toroni Beach, you exit off the main road and head towards the coast. Go for about 1.5 km until you reach the sea. Turn left and after passing Azapiko and Aretes you will come across a small road which leads to a beach of 1200 meters – Tristinika. The ‘ethnic’ beach bar is a big attraction to the locals. On its west side the beach is organized by the ‘ethnic’ beach bar while on its east side there is an organized camping.