Sarti Beach

Sarti beach is clean and sandy beach about 3 km long. It has the Blue flag and on some parts o the beach you can found sun umbrellas and sunbeds of many taverns and beach bars. You can access to beach very easy and in the settled part coast is becoming deeper more graduality. But in the southern part of the beach, Sarti beach you can find shallow water what is very suitable for children. On Sarti beach you can also enjoy in the fantastic view to Mount Athos (2033m) and unforgateblle sun rises behind the mountain. Sea water is clear and turquoise. Beach with best recommendations! 

Beaches around Sarti Halkidiki

 The beaches around Sarti are really various and some of them are top beaches in the whole Greece. Around Sarti you can find many campsites beaches, organized beaches, secluded coves. There is something here for everybody!

Achlada Beach

Located 1,5km northern of Sarti with easy access. Achlada is a bay protected by an artificial breakwater and represent small port for boats and fishermen. But it also hides three very beautiful beaches which offer peace along with fine sand and blue waters and one organized camp site. Quiet place near Sarti!  

Platanitsi Camping

Platanitsi is located about 5 minutes of driving on north of Sarti. Beach of Platanitisi is wonderful, sandy, divided in the middle by a stream.  The camping provides a great organization on all levels in order to enjoy your stay there. On the beach is located one of most popular beach bar in Sithonia, Afri Café with great facilities and ofer. Excellent beach and great beach bar with full recommendation!

Orange Beach - Kavourotripes

Exactly 6km north of Sarti there is a cluster of small beaches in a coastline which is over 5km.There you can find unbelievably landscape of white stones, pine trees with the amazing turquoise waters and the view to Mount Athos. First cove in this paradise place is Orange Beach (Portokali) one of the most popular beaches on Halkidiki. With umbrellas, sunbeds and good beach bar with basic offer of drinks and food provides excellent conditions for comfortable stay. The group of  5 small beaches which continue from Orange beach to the south is the perfect choice for those who love unspoiled nature. These beaches are also known as Kavourotripes (=crab-holes). There is not any road sign for Orange beach, so while you are on the main road of Sithonia pay attention to the dirty road on exactly 6 km from Elin gas station in Sarti. Wonderful turquoise waters and also sculptures are carved on the rocks by several artists adorn these beaches. Orange Beach and Kavourotripes, really a heavenly place on Sithonia!

Armenistis Beach

Camping and sandy beach ARMENISTIS is located on 12km nortern of Sarti. It has a Blue flag and this is one of most organized camp sites in Greece. In Armenistis you can found all you need for unforgettable stay. Clear light blue water and white sand on the beach with all facilities (umbrellas, sun beds, toilet, shower, playground, sand sport activities, water sport, minimarket, medical service…) . The entrance in camping is controlled.

Akti Oneirou - Manasou Beach

4 km northern after ARMENISTIS there is a beach with the nice beach bar MANASSOU. Located on sandy beachsometimes with small pebbles ONEIROU (Dream beach) with camping site. Sea water is green and blue and beach attracts young people who are looking for fun and want to enjoy themselves.

Banana Beach

Beach Banana is with beautiful green blue waters and sand on the coast. You can access to the beach through a dirty road. It is a beach mainly for young people and couples. It is located 20 minutes of driving from Sarti to north.

Zografou Beach

About 30 minutes of driving north of Sarti there are two beaches ZOGRAFOU and BAHIA (ex.PORTO PARADISO) both equipped with facilities on the beach. Sea water is green and there is small pebbles on the coast

Akti Koutloumousiou ( LaCara )

About1 km north of Zografou there is Koutloumousiou Coast where is the well organized campsite La Cara. On the main road you will find the main entrance of an organized camping. A very rice forest natural environment, white sand and clear make this place very famous.

Doherio - Platania Beach

First beach after Sarti when you go to south. It is located about 1km of Sarti Beach On the south end on the coast you can found one of the most popular tavern around Sarti, tavern Teano. In this place you can enjoy Greek nights, folk fun night program. Beach is clean, sandy with clear blue water. Beach is without umbrellas and sunbeds.

Goa Beach

Goa beach and beach bar is located about 2km south from Sarti. Very popilar amoung young people and with dasty road access. Parties on the beach during all night and good  mood invite you to come and enjoy.

Sykia Beach

Only 11 km south of Sarti you can find a large blue flag Sykia beach. It is the closest beach to the willage of Sykia capital of municipality of Toroni  about 4 km up the mountain. The beach is very long, clear and with sand on the coast. There are some beach bars and  we recommend  DEL MAR and ALATI.

Linaraki Beach - Pigadaki Beach

On the south of Sykia golf  you will find the beach Linaraki. Small sandy beach with sunbeds and umbrellas and good tavern.  About 1 km souther  is the beach Pigadaki or Limanaki. Another small beach with some good taverns. Popular 5 steps on the sand, and tavern with reccomandatio Zambakos. 

Klimataria Beach

About 15 minutes of driving south of Sarti you can found beach KLIMATARIA. The length of the beach is about 150 meters. On the beach you can found chairs and umbrellas and good taverns, Ammos and N-tina Vicky. Beach is suitablle for all day stay and for family with small children

Kriaritsi Beach or Ghost City

Fantastic beach 16 km. south of Sarti with one big and few small beaches . After small beaches Pigadaki, Tourkolimionas and Klimataria there is Kriaritsi, sandy beach with clear blue water and nice view of Mount Athos. Sometimes there are pitched tents but no facilities, the most notable is Kriaritsi. It is a large beach, about  800 meters and there is campsite Kristina. In the right small beach of Kriaritsi is a nudist bay.

Kalamitsi Beach

Just 15 minutes of driving by main road south of Sarti  there is the village of Kalamitsi. It is built in a cove with 3 beaches. The third beach is the nudist bay and it, is the most isolated.  To get there you need to walk to the left side of the main beach. This is a well protected beach, sheltered from the wind and waves. The main beach is 450 meters long, and stretches out in front of the town. The beach is well organized with beach chairs and umbrellas, beach-bars and restaurants. There is a boats harbor in the bay to the left side of the village. Few organized camp sites, PORTO KALNMITSI, TSITRELI, THALATTA two good beach bars CAVO and CHICA make the Kalamitsi god choice for stay and enjoy in summer. And of course best fish taverns are located on the coast. We recommend tvaren ZORBAS and every Monday Greek nights with live music program in this excellent tavern.

Porto Koufo Beach

Ater Kalamitsi village main road continue to PORTO KOUFO protected bay and the deepest natural harbor in Greece. There is a big and wonderful beach of  with beautiful waters and fine sand. The village has some good restaurants and port for boats and fishermans

Toroni Beach

32 km south of Sarti is one of the biggest beaches in Chalkidiki – Toroni beach.  2 km long, with sand and clear waters.. There are organized parts to the beach with sun beds and umbrellas but much of it is undeveloped and you can find some isolation if you want. There are also many restaurants and hotels along the waterfront and water activities for all age groups. Around Toroni there is DESTENIKA beautifull small beach with tavern and shade on the coast.

Tristinika Beach

Soon after Toroni and beach Destenika there is a another splendid  long beach Tristinika. You can access to Tristinika on 3 ways but always turn left from main road.  Near Tristinika you can found beaches Azapiko and Aretes. On Tristinika  west side you can enjoy Ethnic  beach bar while and on the east side of Tristinika there is an organized camping IZA.


Sarti Beaches  Halkidiki (Chalkidiki) - Greece