Taxi Services Sithonia Halkidiki

It's a great way to start your visit in Halkidiki .Pre book your private airport transfer, at a very competitive rate, and start to enjoy your visit from the moment you arrive. Let us transfer you to your destination in comfort and style.

Arriving Macedonia airport located 15 km south of Thessaloniki you will be greeted by our taxi-driver in the arrival terminal who will be holding a sign with your name or company/hotel information on it. He will promptly help you with your luggage and we will take you to the taxi.

Do not worry if your flight is delayed for any reason we will have advised our drivers of your new arrival time. This service is also available from your hotel, apartment or villa. - Taxi Services offers you a series of services, for your best way of transportation, covering all needs of each transfer.

  • Main Routes from Sithonia to the Airport of Thessaloniki with return route.
  • Reservation confirmation with voucher within 24 hours
  • Free Last Luggage Service
  • Transfer with waiting
  • Children’s seat

Book by sending us an email or call us. Just tell us where you want to go, receive your answer confirmation e-mail and enjoy our services.


From Thessaloniki Macedonia International Airport -SKG to Sithonia Halkidiki (1-4 Pers.)

Pricing (euro /single transfer)

To Rate To Rate
120,00 Moudania 60,00
Toroni 120,00 Gerakini 70,00
Porto Koufo 120,00 Psakoudia 80,00
Kalamitsi 120,00 Metamorfossi 90,00
Vourvourou 100,00 Nikiti 95,00
Elia Beach
95,00 Marmaras 105,00
Armenistis 110,00 Sykia 120,00
Lagomandra Beach 95,00 Vatopedi 80,00
Agios Nikolaos 100,00 Pirgadikia 100,00


From Thessaloniki Macedonia International Airport -SKG to Sithonia Halkidiki (5 - 8 Pers.)

Pricing (euro /single transfer)

To Rate To Rate
Moudania 90,00
Toroni 160,00 Gerakini 100,00
Porto Koufo 160,00 Psakoudia 110,00
Kalamitsi 160,00 Metamorfossi 120,00
Vourvourou 130,00 Nikiti 130,00
Elia Beach
130,00 Marmaras 140,00
Armenistis 150,00 Sykia 160,00
Lagomandra Beach 130,00 Vatopedi 115,00
Agios Nikolaos 130,00 Pirgadikia 130,00


From Thessaloniki Macedonia International Airport -SKG to Sithonia Halkidiki (9 -19 Pers.)

Pricing (euro /single transfer)

To Rate To Rate
Moudania 220,00
Toroni 290,00 Gerakini 230,00
Porto Koufo 290,00 Psakoudia 240,00
Kalamitsi 290,00 Metamorfossi 250,00
Vourvourou 270,00 Nikiti 260,00
Elia Beach
260,00 Marmaras 270,00
Armenistis 280,00 Sykia 290,00
Lagomandra Beach 260,00 Vatopedi 240,00
Agios Nikolaos 270,00 Pirgadikia 270,00



From Sarti Halkidiki to Sithonia villages and popular places (1-4 Pers)

Pricing (euro /single transfer)

To Rate To Rate
Sykia 20,00 Orange Beach 12,00
Pigadaki Sykia 20,00 Platanitsi Camping 12,00
30,00 Armenistis Camping 25,00
Porto Koufo 40,00 Akti Onirou Camping 35,00
Toroni 40,00 La Cara Camping 40,00
Marmaras 60,00 Vourvourou
Nikiti 60,00 Ormos Panagias 50,00
Elia BeachNikiti 65,00 Agios Nikolaos 55,00
Metramorfossi 65,00 Poligiros 100,00
Psakoudia 70,00
Moudania 100,00
Gerakini 90,00 Ouranopolis


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